23 New Nobles

📣 Attention Nobles & Friends of the Shrine! 📣
We are thrilled to share the incredible success of our recent meeting at the Melbourne Shrine Club! 🎉 During the electrifying Ceremonial Event, we had the honour of welcoming Master Masons from Western Australia and New South Wales, along with an affiliate member from Europe. It was a memorable night as we “Fezzed” a remarkable total of 22 new Nobles, symbolizing their warm welcome into our esteemed community! 🎩✨
The joyous occasion was captured in photos! Check out the images of our Nobles being “Fezzed” and the heartwarming group photo featuring the new members of the Melbourne Shrine Club. 📸🤗
A heartfelt thank you to the Melbourne Shrine Club Ceremonial Team for their dedicated efforts and hard work in making tonight’s ceremony truly special! 🙏 Your commitment and organization played a crucial role in ensuring everything went smoothly and created a memorable experience for all.
A special thank you to our National President, Noble Terry Webster, for expertly handling all the noviciates leading up to the ceremony. 🙏 Your guidance and support were invaluable in making this event a great success.
After the ceremony, members and visitors adjourned to the Ivanhoe Chinese Restaurant for dinner, where we shared laughter and camaraderie, along with delightful dishes and complimentary Red and White Wine. 🍜🥢🍷
Let’s continue to support and extend a warm welcome to our new Nobles! 🤗 Looking forward to seeing you all at our next monumental gathering! — at Ivalda Masonic Hall Ivanhoe