A Hoppin’ Good Easter at Monash Children’s Hospital!

🎉🐰 Members of the Melbourne Shrine Club’s (MSC) were glad to donate Easter eggs and chocolates to Monash Children’s Hospital (MCH) this year, distributed to the children with the special help of the Easter bunny 🐰🎉

Due to the ecconomic situation and the leftover Covid restriction, MSC has been informed that without our support, the majority of the children at MCH would not have received anything on Easter Sunday. 😢 We feel extremely proud to have brought a little joy to not only patients but also the wonderful nurses and other staff who do so much to heal and make the lives of these little ones better. 🍫🏥

This has been an incredibly rewarding project for our club, and we are proud to commit to this initiative as an ongoing annual tradition. 🌟💙 MSC is committed to finding oportunities like this and making the best of them.

Monash Children’s Hospital and the Easter bunny wanted to express their gratitude for our efforts and contribution. 💖📹

For us, the pleasure we see on all the faces here is why we do this. MSC, like all good Freemasons, try to solve problems where we see them. We are not in this for the glory, only for the kids.

A huge shoutout to everyone involved in making this possible, including our National President, Noble Terry Webster, and a special mention to Noble Jessen Goodsir for his great work, donation and unwavering support throughout this Easter season! 🙌👏